Trinity Trade Group 225,000 ISK And Under BluePrint Copies of Your Fav Ships

Trinity Trade Group at Jita IV - Moon 5 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
The place to buy BluePrint Copies Every Ship is Just 225,000 ISK or less!
Material Efficiency 10
Time Efficiency 20 Runs 1

Some Examples of What We Carry;
Scorpion - 225,000 ISK
Tempest - 225,000 ISK
Ferox - 200,000 ISK
Osprey - 200,000 ISK
Caracal - 175,000 ISK
Cormorant - 100,000 ISK
Badger - 175,000 ISK
and many more of your favorite ships all at 225,000 ISK or less!

Trinity Trade Group Where We Do The Trading So You Don’t Have To!

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Be sure and check our contracts from time to time because some Blue Print Copies of your favorite ship are priced under the normal 250,000 ISK per BPC!

New updated prices on all ship blue print copies all at 225,000 ISK or less!

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