Orbital Fux Alliance (FUXIT) accepting corporations to join -0.3 Life!

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INTRO: Orbital Fux- Making a better tomorrow one day at a time.

Why join Orbital Fux? Orbital fux is new, yes, and has room for expansion. But this means being part of something that provides the ability to be part of the foundation being laid down. Come be a part of the ground level of something that’s getting increasingly more awesome by the moment.

What is our Focus? This is a PVP alliance, don’t let the calm demeanor fool you. We will take what is ours and kick ass doing it. We cover each other and defend what is ours. We also make our own caps and will show in force to whatever causes us trouble.

What do we Offer? Protection, Loyalty, and Content. We have the Ice to mine and the moons to pew pew. We also have the rats to kill and same with the capsuleers that cross us.

What do we Expect? Participation in alliance organized events and be on comms when in game. It’s important to keep the information flowing, you know?

Room for expansion: WE have alot of moons that can be mined and a demand for more items on the market. We also need more PVP oriented pilots to make badass fleets to wreck the enemy with.

Social groups beyond just EVE: We play a multitude of games, and just because eve is the one we play the most, doesnt mean its the only thing. We also talk about real life stuff, and care about our community

Communications: We use discord and Teamspeak, which can be found through our Auth services. We discovered that smoke signals don’t work too well in space.
If interested, please get in contact with myself (Daedalus Prometheus) Griidhep, or Levnil. We will be happy to field your questions.

Hellknights is recruiting. USTZ Null sec corporation
The Outcast's - Small And Growing Indy Corp
Building USTZ FW PVP Corp to Train for Sov
[UFO] Recruiting for NPC null sec corp - PVP focused, Also offer Industry/Moon Mining/PVE
10 year old self sufficient small AUTZ corp seeks pvp/pve alliance
Reforming corp looking for good Alliance in null
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Still accepting

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Still accepting peeps!

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Always looking for more

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Still on the look out for corps to join this amazing alliance!!! :slight_smile:

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Looking to bring more corps into the fold

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Still accepting more corps and players

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