Ensembles Of Stochastic Orbits is a NULL CHILL CORP friendly, flexible corporation with a focus on enjoying Eve, supporting each other. All types of players are welcome. We support mining, PvP, PvE and industrialists and our leadership team is always available to train new players or support our members in any new adventure.This corp has leadership with over 4 years of experience in eve online. With leadership specialized in all things indy and even some PvP.

We are going to try something in eve that many have tried and few have successfully done and that is we are going to try and be an Indy corporation that has a indy mind set but is never far from the PvP that takes place in this ever changing world of Eve.

What does that mean to you? It means we are only looking for pilots with 5mil+ SP with the willingness to PvP and die in a glorious fireball of death. At the same time be willing to mine and do all the indy stuff that allows us to pew pew and have fun. If you are looking to be just another Null sec carebear then move on down the road we want people willing to fight for their home before the enemy is kicking down the front door. If you can’t be active more then 1 day a week we don’t need you. Activity will be watched and inactives will be pruged regularly. ORBITS PUB join the ingame chat

come join us

looking for some dude to join >>>> "orbits pub " <<<<< spais welcome

join today forget tomorrow

looking for some dudes to hang out join us today

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