Orca swapping is horrifically buggy

So there has been a couple bugs with orca functionality for some time now. I hope to highlight them here.

First: When swapping ships from an orca I get 10+ “the content of x cannot be viewed ect ect” which makes swapping super laggy, especially in situations where there are many other ships on grid.

Second: When placing loot INTO A CAN that is in the Orcas fleet maintenence bay I SOMETIMES get an error message that is along the same lines as the first “the content of x cannot be viewed ect ect” except this message requires that I press “okay” to get it off of my screen which is incredibly annoying.

hopefully this will help CCP sort out the horribly buggy orca scenario.

Please report the bugs in-game immediately after they happen and provide this information in the bug report; that’s what will help CCP research the issue.

Posting on the forums is only helpful to the devs when it’s part of a new release; that’s when supplementing a bug report with a post in the corresponding Known Issues thread lets them know that their release has a defect and which BR(s) to reference for data.


I don’t understand this. Do you mean launch a ship from an Orca and then leave the Orca and board the ship you launched? Or scoop a ship to cargo and launch another?

A can? You mean a container? Any specific type of container, such as secure container, standard container, or freight container? Because AFAIK the term “can” is usually reserved for jet cans which refer to the containers created when an item is jettisoned, and you can’t put those in your (cargo) bays.

When another character is using the ship maintenance bay to swap ships.

When another character accesses the fleet hangar and places loot into a secure container that is inside the fleet hangar.

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