Ordo Drakonis , 0.0 corporation , recruiting a few

Hello pod pilot .
Thank you for your interest in our recruitment ad but before we meet you let us introduce ourselves:

Ordo Drakonis is a European time zone, true PVP corporation born in the late 2007.
Forged in the fire of Providence low sec Ordo managed to fight all over New Eden: null-sec, low-sec and most recent even high sec. ( on personal note, highsec … ieeeeeuuuwww )

You might say we’ve seen it all in our 10 years of history, but we feel we just getting started.
Ordo Drakonis is a member of Circle Of Two, a 0.0 active alliance with a interesting history.
That keeps bringing glorious new content all over New Eden.
Yes, those guys from “eve news” … yes, those guys from “redit” …

Our Requirements:
• Active PVP players ( the relaxed ones, we already have hardcore nuts ).
• Able to get on comms
• Basic knowledge of game mechanics. Preferable more then we have.
• Self sufficient ( be a man / women or … whatever … )
• 20 mil skill points minimum ( we want you to be able to actually fly something useful for yourself ).
( note, we can take a few low sp OMEGA players… general rule, able to light a cyno / fly a T2 interceptor. )
• Willing to move based on alliance deployments ops.
And yes… we move around.

Ok, ok, now Ordo, show me what you offer!

• Daily PVP (all types).
• Safe home, ok… as safe as you can be…
• A place to re-fund your PVP activities.
• Experienced FCs ( corp and alliance level ).
• In game guidance for new and old players
• SRP for alliance fleets. ( even fighters! , just ask the alliance SRP boss for it )
• Alliance level Jump Freighter services.
• In and out of game communications ( Slack / Mumble / Forums ).
• Gameplay drama FREE. ( unless you start about sheep… or goat… )

You can check our activity visiting our killboard at The first 10 years or by joining our public channel “Ordo United” for further informations about us, our projects and our alliance.

Looking forward flying together!

Ah , added personal note…
You like cyno 5 … and got a taste for blobs ? … we too ! :slight_smile:
And yes, we will use light kgb methods , including waterboarding to flush out to many obvious spy’s
and metagame alts. We got plenty of those already , no need to have a spy in for every corp in
your alliance right ?
( info sharing is a thing… these days … )


Up for a bunch of awsome dudes!


Up up and UP!

No fedo’s where harmed in any way during this bump.

However , it is good the corpse collection is unable to speak !

Guys wanted me to say something, so here goes: Ordo Drakonis Perkele!!!

Up for a awesome bunch of dudes

bump up

Still kicking

Up for a fun Sunday!

Drone ratting… well, at least they do not jam you :slight_smile:

More bump

up for the week end

up for the day

Russians smack so cool in local !
Btw, we would love to recruit a actual Russian so communications with the local
targets become more easy.

I can never make the randsom work when there language issue’s …

up for a great bunch of dudes

up up and away!

Fightclub in Venal !!! Join us™

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