ORE Missions

Because of the recent incursion spawn is an island (CCPlease!), I ventured into cloud ring with my T2 fitted high DPS confessor and grinded level 2 and 3 missions.

Because of the high value of ORE LP, I estimate almost 5 mil per 10 minutes (for a measly 30 mil/h) doing level 3 missions. I’m greedy about the level 4 ones now.

So how much isk and LP does level 4 missions combat missions yield? (or any other type of level 4 mission) Can I do L4 combat missions in my confessor? Or an enyo? Or an proteus? What fits should I use? Which one of these ships/fits are the best ones to use in regards to safety and mission speed?

(the enyo is especially enticing because I’m not sure whether ORE gives burner missions, and having the same ship for both jobs feels nice.)

no L4 agent for ore.

you can do the L3 in a tengu though.
This is the result of a few runs after calibration, in a proteus, assuming 4k isk/LP :


read : if you do only the 10 most interesting missions you’ll earn 108.42M/h
4k isk/lp is lower than actual DIRECT value https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/lpstore/buy/10000002/1000129/withblueprints
usually it can go higher.

Note : that ignores the loot which can be a good boost.

median time is the time I wrote for dock ; minus the time I wrote for undock ; for which I took the median (not the average). Adjusted time is this time + 40s to talk to the agent, change stuff, etc.

gain(M) is the value in isk of the reward, bonus reward, and LP ; this last one being multiplied by the isk/lp value.


There are those ones right next to the stargates which are level 4. I doubt anyone does those so I’m asking about level 4 missions in general.

What fit do you run for said proteus?

it was long ago, and I can’t even find the fit.
I think it was rail fit because L3s can be done kinda easily. However the nullification + cloak hurt the fit a lot. I would suggest going for tengu instead, for the projection. The prot has no DPS, no range. blasters are useless in PVE because they require too much time to put in range.

Yea I could go for a tengu, just not sure where exactly to go with fittings specifically for blitzing.

if it’s for L3s your range is your tank. you need DPS sure, but anyhow if your ship is caught you are dead . I won’t tell you how to fit your tengu since I believe I almost never flew one. but for L3s you can go for speed, small tank.

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