Out of Luck then Join the No Luck Corp today and grow with us

Currently a HS (high sec) corp looking for new and returning players to help it grow. We are looking for players willing to do indy, mining, pve and either willing to learn pvp or are pvp pilots to help us grow in any direction possible. We have 0% tax on isk and LP. We are willing to help you make isk and to help you learn how to make isk for yourself. Alpha and Omega accounts welcomed.

Every voice is heard and at times you will even have a vote on how you want the direction of the corp to go in so Join No Luck Corp today and have your say.


I’ve just joined!

We want to move into null sec in the medium to long term so the more combat orientated pilots the better. We are happy to take on industrialists but they must be prepared to train into an interceptor in the medium/long term so they’re of some use should the enemy come knocking.

We haven’t decided on our long term destination yet so that’s up for debate in due course. For now we need more pilots to get the ball rolling so come join us.

Discord is available but not mandatory. Characters with alts are welcome.

Still looking for new talent, enquire within (message me in game if you’d prefer)

Come on guys and gals… Roll them sleeves up and join us

Come on you weekend warriors, where are you?

new and old, alpha and omega welcome

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