No Balls No Glory is recruiting. Join up now

New corp in stable Alliance is open for recruitment. The corp is still in its starting phase however you can be the one to help build it and bring it to greatness as a strong team.

The focus of the corp is a healthy mix between indy and pvp.

Secure Null sec system with tons of rescources waiting to be harvested.

  • Returning players are welcome
  • Corp/alliance Buyback Program
  • Boosted Mining Ops, access to moons for juicy moon goo
  • Discord/Ts3 voice comms mandatory
  • Great PVE Content
  • SRP Available on Fleets
  • Pvp is always lurking (it’s null)
  • 10mil sp suggested

If you’re not scared away yet, GOOD! That shows you have the BALLS to jump into the unknown, join me in the glory!!

Come have a chat in Ballsy.Public

Had some really nice chats today with potential recruits! Will you be the next one?

2 new members today! Will you be the next one?

Still looking for new members!

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