S.R is Recruiting New Members and Corps

Stellae Renascitur is a fresh alliance making its base within the region of Querious and looking to expand our roster of individual players as well as being open to recruit entire corps.

We are looking to offer new and old players a chance to experience life in nullsec, with the primary focus being on PvP, and secondaries being PVE, Mining & Industry, as well as Exploration and a bit of Wormhole dabbling.

What we offer:

  • Drama free PvP fleets led by experienced FCs with a good attitude towards new players
  • Weekly PvP teaching fleets where you can learn mechanics and advanced tactics for use in combat
  • PvE support and guidance
  • Mining & Industry fleets and guidance
  • Ore and NPC loot buy program by alliance
  • Free fitted ships for Alpha pilots and Omega pilots below certain Skill Points
  • Frequent JF runs to and from high-sec for ease in dealing with the logistic side of EvE
  • The opportunity for new FCs to be born or old ones to get back in the saddle
  • TS3 server for communication

What we expect:

  • Above all else, willingness to PvP – While we do not enforce CTAs, we want everybody to do their part when it comes to defending the owned sov.
  • Respect towards your fellow members – Save your keyboard rage for the enemy
  • Ability to join TS3 server for fleets

If you’re a new player wanting to see how nullsec is like, or an old player who just got back to the game and found too many changes to go through on his own, or a battle-scarred vet looking for a new beginning…come fly with us.

Corporations that are tired of paying rent or simply sick of their overlords and want to be a part of something less constraining are encouraged to have a talk with us.

For details feel free to contact either myself, Femalogalotalotim or Radoslav Stfnov or join Renegade Stars channel ingame. :wink:


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Cool stuff :slight_smile:

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We have great goal and you may be part of it :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m a new alpha player just starting the game. Is this alliance taking noobs that know not a lot of the game?

Alpha players are wellcome as well as ppl who want to learn :slight_smile:

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I would like to join sooo ummm yeah kinda new to this so if u could send me a link or something thatd be great

Yo Kyrn :slight_smile: Hopefully we speak a bit ingame, i have send u some details/mail :slight_smile:

thanks ill check it out

yeah, we still do :slight_smile:

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we are fighting :slight_smile: