[S.R] wants people who like to put holes in hulls!

Stellae Renascitur [S.R] Alliance is based in Querious and is currently looking for PVPers, new and old.

Look, its really simple. You want to pvp or want to learn pvp? Come join us. We give free or almost free ships (depending on the value) and all we ask is that you go kill others in them. Occasionally we might point you in one direction or another, through an OP once or twice a week, but generally speaking everyone is left to their own devices, as long as they are not assholes. Defense OPs are mandatory (because everybody needs to do their part in defending sov) but roams into hostile space are not.

We don’t care if you are into gatecamps, BLOPS dropping, roams in all class of ships or suicide ganging… We don’t care if you are former goon, test dino, co2 disaster refugee or PL elite who wants to take it easy… We dont care if you are a ‘1337 Baus’ in pvp with 99% efficiency on killboard, or the new guy who decided to pick up eve for the first time and wants to see what it is about… If you have the mind to be active in pvp, come fly with us. You get free ships…we get to have fun.

For further details join Renegade Stars channel ingame, or feel free to contact me or FeMalogalotalotim via ingame chat or eve-mail.

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