[RRUST] Rusted and Rejuventated - Looking For a New Alliance - PVP Corp - EU/US TZ

Hello there, my corp Rusted and Rejuvinated is looking for a new alliance to call home. We are a tight-knit, very active group who enjoy PvP of all kinds. Whether that be alliance ops or going on small gang roams you can basically always catch us in a fleet. We however specialize in small gang PvP in particular. We are open to most groups however what we feel can offer and what we really want in our new alliance is below.

What we can offer you:

  • 30-40 Active pilots
  • Activity in EU & US TZ, 1700-0700 Generally
  • High SP combat pilots. Trained into multiple hacs.
  • Various support ship pilots including fully skilled command burst, logi 5 and recon 5 skilled pilots.
  • Various Cap, Recon and Logi Alts.
  • Both small gang and Fleet fcs

What we are looking for:

  • Sov null preferred
  • Groups with lots of neutrality. (Roaming space is the key here)
  • Active pipe preferred
  • Good alliance level logistics.
  • Healthy preexisting EU/US TZ alliance.

If you would like to talk to us about your alliance PM the following leadership or join our public channel “Trust in Rust”:

Corp CEO: Saladon Dragonfist
Discord Contact: Saladon#4330

Corp XO: Vladamier Donvendonish
Discord Contact: Vladamier D.#0729

You can also reach us through our discord: Rusted & Rejuvenated Discord

Zkill: Rusted and Rejuvenated | Corporation | zKillboard


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