Stellae Renascituur, a dedicated alliance looking for pilots!

Stellae Renascituur is an alliance that has risen from the dead. We are rebuilding the alliance with new goals! We reside in low-sec and null-sec. We are looking for all kinds of pilots who meet our requirements. We also welcome new pilots who we happily teach the game.

What We Offer:

  • PVP (roams, camping, war, …)
  • PVE
  • Industrial
  • Mentorship
  • Bombing Fleets
  • Triglavian Invasion Fleets

Minimal requirements:

  • Able to use comms (Teamspeak and Discord)
  • Being able to fly atleast 1 bomber (Or training towards)

Interested in joining or have any questions? Please join our discord server or send me a mail ingame.

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