Outer Ring Mining Corp Wanted

Heyo I’m just getting back into the game after a few months hiatus and I’m looking for a good mining corp. Ideally theres one in the outer ring looking for players. I’ve got fairly high indy skills (rorq pilot) and some pvp skills if required. If anyone knows any please let me know!

Hi Morthos,

I’ve sent you an in game mail.

Hope to hear from you

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Hey there,

and welcome back to the game u’ll never want to quit again.
Wat can we offer?
a safe haven to make iskies
yet alot of pvp opportunities aswel.
We have daily mining fleets (corpwise and alliancewise)
almost daily pvp fleets
we have a range of casual and hardcore gamers but always realise that rl is most important
so u will never get booted coz of a week or longer not playing.
we are located in impass as a part of requiem eternal.
if you want
you can always come and talk to us.
we promise u wont regret it :wink:

corp discord:

corp add:

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