Outfit 418 | Wormhole corp recruitment


Who We Are

Outfit 418 is a relaxed but organised Outfit living in Wormhole space since 2018, currently occupying a C5 - C5 wormhole. We are a casual, multinational corporation with members from around the Globe interested in Wormhole space activities, whether that be PvP, PvE or Industry with a big focus on team work.

We welcome all players regardless of skill level and number of characters if they meet our minimum requirements listed below.

What we offer

  • PvP fleets - organised events, rage roll ops, large brawls & roaming / yeeting
  • ISK making - including organised ratting fleets & solo content down the chain
  • Industry opportunities - mining, gas, PI, manufacturing etc
  • Out of game IT services including TS, Discord & dedicated web hosting
  • FW for when the WH is quiet
  • Very casual & relaxed atmosphere, no minimum activity requirements

You can find our Zkillboard here

Our Requirements

► Omega characters only (no Alphas)
► Can fly a ship with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device (ie Astero)
► Preferable experience with either Wormholes or PvP but a “can do” attitude wins out!
► Can speak English with a good microphone

For more information contact “Mara Quinn” or join our Discord .

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