Over the Wormhole- Industry and PvE in deep null ISK ISK ISK

Over the Wormhole and far away <-- Indy corp looking for Industrialists who want access to all the great ores and sites that null has to offer.
Over the wormhole and Far away - PvP and Indy - Come build with us.
Looking to be more than just a number in a Growing alliance and corporation?

  • PvP not obligatory
  • Weekly Moon mIning
  • Prime Ratting space
  • Newbro Friendly
  • Alliance Freighter Service
  • Alliance Buyback programs

Great community and playerbase and we are looking to add active pilots from all levels of SP and knowledge to join us in Null building capitals and supercapitals.
For more Information Join IGC ZYMIN Recruitment and speak to a recruitment officer Today.


  • Eoghan Macc
  • Denardius Elongur
  • Stickumnote
  • Nielar Olorin

Or join in game channel ZYMIN Recruitment

New player friendly!

Out of interest, if PvP is optional how are you defending your ratting space?

In the main corporation PvP is required, This corp is a training corp for new and returning players

Look at all this infrastructure…

ore buyback? Eh yeh

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