Overview Not Being Cleared On Changing System

Here’s what happens…

I undock from Jita, head for Sobaseki, and after I have gone through the gate to Sobaseki the Overview still displays all the stations, moons, etc from Jita…but all greyed out…along with the info from Sobaseki. This has occurred a number of times now, and similar at Amarr.

Another bizarre feature of this is that when the above occurs it sometimes automatically warps me to the next system in the list without me having to select ‘jump’. During this, the screen is unresponsive ( e.g the ship cannot be rotated on the screen for example ). I end up having to dock at Sobaseki and undock ( which clears the issue ) rather than carrying on my route.

The issue only occurs at busy systems ( Jita, Amarr, etc ), and has been going on for a week or so.

Occured a number of times too on my client.
also when warping offgrid ■■■■ was still displayed

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