[OZLAD] [US/AU] Low-Sec Alliance Looking For Corporations and Recruits

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Invite invalid. Not sure if anyone else is getting the same, but that’s got to cut down on your recruitment via discord if so.

must’ve messed up with my link, here’s a fresh one

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As part of the alliance its only fair to let you all know that we’re looking for EU timezone pilots to join us too!

Get all the benefits of the alliance listed above, with an EU corp o/

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come join us o7

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come join us o7

I’m interested in hearing more about your group. Who do you normally fight in PVP? What do those operations look like? Thanks!

depends on who’s available for content, there are varieties of operation from blopsing, roaming and gate camping really depends what people are feelin. come and chat with us today on our discord linked in my post. for more further questions o7

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come join us today o7

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come check us out today o7

still looking for corporations,players and also FC’s!!

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