P.A.N.T.H.E.O.N is recruiting, UK based, new pve corp, highsec with view to moving to low in future

Friendly active no fuss, politics free, no BS corp: Looking for players to join our new corp, who can help build it up. Need miners, missioners ( lvl 3&4 Navy Fed/Gallente), DED’ers, all who don’t mind a little PvP for when we start to do roams. We will teach you how to make isk, new player friendly but must have min skillpoints of 2 million, this figure will rlise as we progress.
Also possibility of joining alliance in future once we have cohesive team. Area of operations: Gallente space. Local hubs: Dodixie and Hek. Convo/ msg Alpha 2 Crendraven or Callisto Titania in game or apply through P A.N.T.H.E.O.N in corp tab.

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