7th Imperial Legion looking for new recruits

We are a budding new industry focused corp currently residing in highsec.
Our primary goal is to grow rich gathering resources and manufacturing from our base of operations and where ever else our specialists find materials, be it highsec, null or even wormhole space.

Eventually we will build our own system base that we can call home and with it a mighty naval armada.

We are newbie and alpha friendly. all we ask is that ur active and ur not a dick.
Be one of the first members to join and help build a new dominating power in the eve universe.
Apply now and lets start to build our dreams together, we will share hardships and victories but at the end I believe we will prevail and conquer.

A great opportunity for newer players who want to be a part of something new, to help build and maintain, to feel important; not just another tiny cog in a gargantuan wheel…

I am interested in hearing more. penumbra6879#3580 is my discord.

Mail sent ingame :slight_smile:

i have sent u a discord friend request

Still looking for new players to be doing new things together!

still looking…

we are still looking

Still looking for folks to join us :slight_smile:

Still looking for eu/uk tz folks to come join us!

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