$$ Newbros and vets welcome $$

7th Imperial Legion.

We are an Industry focused, newbie friendly corp with access to NPC nullsec, an alliance & ‘friends’ to help protect assets and make isk - and we have a highly experienced instructor willing to show the ropes for multiple arenas of combat; including SOLO pvp, micro and small gang, wormholes, lowsec… null… the list goes on…

In highsec we develop our newer players and offer advice and occasional boosted mining fleets until they are ready to make the move to null where they would have access to:

*High end moon mining.
*Other valuable high end ores.
*Nullsec relic and data sites, the best you can get.
*Well paid NPC missions for every faction (better rewards than hs - incredibly lucrative if mission running for Intaki syndicate)
*Various other PvE and PvP opportunities.

Where we live has easy access to both low and high security space. Join us and lets start to build our future, together we will get rich fast… or die trying!!

Which friends?

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Thanks for the bump, if interested in joining mail me in game :smiley:

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