[P4G] various comestic/apparel for sales | last day good deal ( sold )

as p4g campaign reach sooner than I expected it end, I drop some more things I accumuled over the year but never use nonetheless, following list Is around 60% of the price, don’t hesitate to make offer

price :

dapper suit 3b SOLD
farsight augmented spectacles 50m each
proving ground suit 1.5b SOLD
paradoxical scarf 225 M each
svarog suit 1.2b SOLD
excursion pant gold 500M SOLD
eternity black gold 400M SOLD
outlaw boots (sansha) 250M
Sterling satin dress blouse 400M
Sparkgap facial 750M SOLD
hover tight opaque gray 600M
sterling dress blouse black leather 350 M
caldari state officer jacket 300M SOLD
semiotique torso rig body aug 250M
heels (gold) 70M each
sterling blouse (platinum) 350M
sleeve wreckgage right 500M SOLD
eternity black red 350M
soe combat suit 300M
avenue shirt white 300m
snuff killing low sec goggle 200M
vise arm right 150M
amarr courtly robe 300M
tripoint facial aug 400M
phanca left arm 200M SOLD
eternity white suit 800M
crossgrid facial aug 1.2b
mirelle upwell excecutive spectacles 275M

feel free to make offer, altough If Its below buy order i’ll just fill them Instead
I’ll try to anwer during the day but 'ill be mostly active for making contracts on the evening
first come first serve, If two bidders the best bid take It

Oups, forgot I had thinge that are outside of 4-4, price In the image

sanctify SOLD
mystrioso boot SOLD

Hi! Please contract me:

dapper suit
1x paradoxical scarf
excursion pant gold
eternity black gold
caldari state officer jacket
1x heels (gold)
phanca left arm

Thank you!

Hey there, please contract the following to me:

-Excursion pant gold 600M
-Svarog suit 1.2b
-Caldari state officer jacket 350M
-Sanctity dress 1.5b
-Sparkgap facial 750M
-Sleeve wreckgage right 500M
-Mysterioso boots 400M
-Proving ground suit 1.5b

contract up

Accepted, thank you!

up, didn’t see you outbided on two items I was lunching at the same time sorry

Accepted the contracts, thank you for supporting P4G!

illegal bump as we draw near the end

I don’t see the women’s Rubedo jacket in your list, but I see it in your pic. I’ll offer 200m for it.
Also i’ll take:
-Vise Arm Right 150M
-Crossgrid facial aug 1.2b
-Tripoint facial aug 400M
-Sterling blouse (platinum) 350M
-Sterling satin dress blouse 400M
-Sterling dress blouse black leather 350 M
-Sterling dress blouse White 500m (my offer)
-Mirelle upwell excecutive spectacles 275M
-2x Farsight augmented spectacles 50m each
-Hover tight opaque gray 600M

i don’t have a sterling white, Its the platinum on the screen, rest Is contracted, rubedo is included

Thank you contract accepted.

I was talking about the one on your screenshot in Alikara VII: Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse (white) =)

contracted too

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Thank you! Accepted the contract for that one as well.

To everyone reading: Come on people buy some great looking threads and support the P4G Campaign!!

closing threads, thanks to buyers

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Thank you for donating all these cool outfits for a good cause!

Also remember to post the screenshot with the plex donation =)

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