Packrat BPC Price

Anyone know how I can figure out how much a packrat BPC should be worth per run?

By looking at existing contracts? Or here:

Wait, I can’t tell how many copies each one when I went to the site. I know there were contracts of BPCs sold form this, but I can’t tell how many runs each one had.

Contract search:

(hover contract)


Contract details:


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from my experience every Packrat BPC i have ever managed to get from a site has only ever been a 1 run BPC.

I’ve never seen higher runs - but would be happy to be shown otherwise if anyone has seen them with more runs

That’s besides the point. I was providing a useful answer that applies in general. He didn’t know how to look up this specific bit of info at all thus logical he might want to look up other BPCs as well that may have more runs thus showing how he can do that is the useful answer than just telling him all of these specific ones have 1 run anyway.

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wasn’t denying that you provided a useful answer - merely trying to help by adding from experience that this particular bpc doesn’t have more than one run…therefore hopefully saving them time and effort to look at each one for differences.

but hey ho

That’s also good to know though I assume he’ll notice they are all single run after checking a couple so don’t expect him to check every single offer before figuring this out or at least hope so and especially after that still being in doubt if there are ones with more runs.

Though even then and entirely independent of that best practice if he first checks the uniwiki about MTUs (or any other subject) as then he can see these variants are from NPC sites instead of the usual method of copying BPOs or such thus all will have the same amount of runs that the sites drop.

… The BPCs for these units can be found from Ghost Sites.

Source: Mobile structures - EVE University Wiki

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I can’t tell, is this site give a list of past contracts posted, or past completed ones?

The contract history of A4E captures the lowest price available in a contract on that given day. It doesn’t track if that contract was taken or not.

Well… on one hand, I guess it’s doing what it is designed to do. On the other hand, it won’t give me the answer I am looking for.

Look at current contracts in game.

A4e will not be fully updated with most market prices due to the endpoint being down.

From the pic above you can see they are only going for 20-30 mil per bpc

And its been explained that they are 1 run only. What other info do you need?

Well if it is available contracts and doesn’t track if the contract was taken, I can’t tell if undercutting everyone else would be likely to result in a sale while if it was trackng contracts that were taken, I would get a good idea. As for the fact that this one only comes in one run variants, yeah that was answered.

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