Pandemic Horde High Sec Division - Huge Alliance, supporting High Sec Players!

Hi there, I’m Qymm Phyton, Pandemic Horde director.


If you somehow haven’t seen us spamming Join HORDE in a local chat near you, we’re EVE’s premiere newbie corp, est. 2015 and now one of nullsec’s biggest alliances.

We have been working on a new project for you! We’re starting a new corporation to peek into the world of high sec, focused on PVE group activities.

  • Community driven fleets for running combat sites, abyssals, and new Triglavian events!
  • Moon mining operations daily
  • Free of the pesky war declarations on our main alliance, krab in peace.
  • The Newbean Initiative, a volunteer group of players ready to teach you about any aspect of EVE from Day 1!

If you are a player tentative about exploring life in the world of huge null alliances, consider making your home with us first!

Apply today to the Pandemic Horde High Sec Division corporation ingame, join our Discord via our website, and get involved!

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