Patch notes not updated recently?

Is it me or are there pretty regular patches in the launcher / TQ and no patch notes?
For example right now TQ is on 1210663 but the last patch in the notes is for 1203953 ?

Updating the patch notes may have been a responsibility of the recently-fired CCP community team.


Patch notes were updated today

Falcon and Guard try to keep up with workload after ccp’s "red wedding: employment"


Patch notes will only be updated if it fixes something you need to know about, security fixes or minor changes with regards to things like server communication won’t be posted

Patch notes late again :stuck_out_tongue: Guess they are using one guy to do two peoples jobs since the layoffs :stuck_out_tongue: v1203953 on patch notes page, v1214227 on launcher.

That was the case before the layoffs. Now it’s more like 1 guy doing 5 peoples’ jobs.

EVE development won’t be influenced they said. Good thing that this community-driven game doesn’t need a community team. :crazy_face:


WTB updated patch notes. It’s kinda a core feature of the game :sunglasses:

Aye mega slow this time, still on v120 8 days later :stuck_out_tongue:

heading for eleven days - at least put ‘making eve a better place for everyone’ and be done with it, i would accept that if its stuff they dont want to divulge lol.

Would make sense since they no longer have any staff to keep it updated anyway :roll_eyes:


No ‘this week in Eve’ either. Launcher news not updated.

Eve is kill


looks like they not going to bother with it until tomorrows patch lol. Would be nice to know what was changed from v1203953 till v1217155 other than the last update on the 16th Nov (18 days lol)

Its a secret. :sushing_face:

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