Patch notes, what do I download every day?

Dear developers, what does my Launcher download every day?
50Mb for “Fixed the expiry date of the Vorton Projector Boosters”? 2020-09-29.1
50 Mb for “Added a Korean recruitment channel”? 2020-09-24.1


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I guess that your programing knowledge ends at complaining?

Also, there are reports of changes in invasion in recent days and that is not mentioned in patch notes for obvious reasons.

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what are obvious reasons pls?

Clearly, all that stuff is trojans and worms. At this point, CCP has already infected your anti-virus. I recommend de-installing everything and setting up a fresh OS-install. It’s the only way to make sure.

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it is not abot security issues. it is about nothing in patch notes for 50mb stuff.
Next time try to think a little further than your lunch break.

There’s nothing in the patch notes because why would there be? Do you expect CCP to just tell you straight-up that they’re injecting worms into your system to turn it into a bit-coin miner? Don’t be silly, my friend.

bb my dear.

Anyway, now that the dumb troll can’t read my posts anymore, can some ISD please come and mercy kill this dumb thread? Thanks.

so you where trolling

thank you for saying that

There are always things in the back end that don’t get announced and as such aren’t included in patch notes. That said, I’m closing this thread because removing all the trolling and off topic posts would leave you with one post.