Pathfinder Issue

I am having problems using Pathfinder - it’s going to be something dumb that I am not grasping. Could anyone help me out please?

I use Google Chrome with it, which is one of the 2 recommended browsers.

My issue is that I can’t seem to manipulate the map the way it is intended. For one, I can’t left click and drag in order to pan the view - I am forced to use the scroll bars. Secondly, I can’t get to the right click menu where you can delete/add systems - right clicking in my case just brings up the normal browser menu (back, reload, etc). Finally, even if I can select systems using left click, I can’t use any of the keyboard shortcuts to delete them (the shortcuts instead use Chrome’s settings - i.e. ctrl-D adds a site bookmark).

It’s like the program doesn’t truly focus properly but I don’t know if there is something I need to do in order to do so.

Would love any insight! Cheers!

In case the pathfinder dev doesn’t see this post, you can report the bug on the pathfinder GitHub page:

Thank you.

I figured out the problem - one of my chrome extensions (not adblock) was interfering with it somehow. don’t even know which one it was but after disabling most of them and reenabling the ones i use now it fixed the problem.

Maybe still report the issue on Github in case it could be fixed/documented?

It’s probably one of my crappy old extensions - wouldn’t even be worth dev time.

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