PC High Standings Characters


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Whats the going rate for character with high standings?

one with 9+ standings with caldari
one with 9+ standings with Gallente

Caldari one would have 5m sp a bonus remap and 3.6m in trade so lacking a few skills … no tycoon, vis or wholesale but all 3 injected, as well as Cybernetics 5, Social 5 but only lvl 4 in connections and Diplomacy

The Dodixie one has 7.6 in trade, tycoon 5, can fly cald transport ships, lvl 5 in all 3 relevant Social skills, cyber 5, 11.6m total sp… oh also has a MG set of nomads

Deciding on if they are worth it to sell, or the dodixie one to extract then sell…

Also is it possible or not possible to still use Plex to transfer characters?

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