WTB toon with good Caldari standings


(Avallah) #1

I would like to buy character with good Caldari standings. Skills doesn’t matter, can be striped toon or regular pilot.

(Urleo Umran) #6

Im selling this Character… with good Caldari Standing. 55m sp

(Avallah) #7

55kk SP is to much for my needs, thanks

(Kentaro Harrada) #10


1 remap

budding rattlesnake pilot

12m sp roughly

pst for more info

(Avallah) #11

Thanks but Im looking pilot with better standings

(Dyceress) #22


(Occultatum) #25

HOw much are you willing to spend? I have a high standings guy but I dunno if I wanna make another one if I sell him lol

He doesnt have a lot of SP… just in social and trade really, 3.8m in trade 5mill or so sp total

and his standings are 9.61 cald and 9.93 with cald navy

I dunno if I want to sell him but if the price is good enough it would be worth me running cosmos and such on a new char

(Avallah) #26

Could you paste link to eveboard.? Those stats are afer skills modification? You can also contact with me in game

(Occultatum) #27

9.56 and 9.93 to navy

thats with connections 2 so it can go higher… honestly no clue why I dont have connections 5… I musta extracted it at some point by accident … or cause I was drunk anyway.

I sent you an evemail with the charboard

anyway off to bed, feel free to send me a mail or respond here and I’ll get back to ya in the morn sometime