WTB High standing low sp char

(Era Romeo) #1

I’m looking for a high standing char with low sp - standing should be at least +4 to one of the following:

  • Minmatar

waiting for your offers!


(YouR Friend No) #2

7.5 caldari standings, but not low sp. Well i can strip, just tell me how much you gonna pay

(Era Romeo) #3

looking for a char max 5b

(YouR Friend No) #4

i have good caldari standings char, but not for all lvl5 agents, i can go for 5b if you are interested


(Era Romeo) #5

what is his standing exactly to caldari?

(YouR Friend No) #6

you can check on standings tab on eveboard

Ammatar Mandate 7.92
Caldari State 7.06
Mordu’s Legion Command 6.67
Amarr Empire 6.51

(Era Romeo) #7

sec status looks pretty bad

(Amon Calis) #8

Whats price for Amarr standings toon?

(Era Romeo) #9

link eveboard pls

(Era Romeo) #10


(Era Romeo) #11

If u still sell it i would take it

(Era Romeo) #12


(system) #13

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