PC on 6 Hulk pilots(5mil - 6.7mil) + 1 indy support char(19.6m)

Cleaning house on a number of characters, 6 of them are Hulk pilots(5 with exhumers V, the 6th is working on it). All are currently training ICE harvesting to V prior to sales.

The indy support char can fly Freighters(Minmatar Freighter 4) and Orcas(indy command 4). Can use jump freighters and Rorq but may need more work in both these areas before optimised. Has mining foreman 5 and mining director 5 along with cybernetics 5 to allow for the mining director implant.

Miner 1 - 5mil - Jia Azaph
Miner 2 - 5.2mil - Fei Hanaya
Miner 3 - 5.3mil - min yazria
Miner 4 - 5.8mil - suzie xadi
Miner 5 - 6.6mil - tib chan
Miner 6 - 6.7Mil
Indy support - 19.6mil

Hey the miners could sell for 2.3-3b support is a bit like 14-16b

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Just want to ask can the rorq pilot use indy siege and basic fittings?

Can use indy siege, about 2 weeks away from being able to use capital shield booster, but aside from that it can fit a basic fit yea.

All of them can fly Hulks and Mackinaws correcy?

All 6 miners can fly all exhumers yes

Okay cool willing to sell one of the miners?

They all still have omega time on the accounts so iā€™m probably not gonna list until the new year, was just getting a ballpark for their worth.

Oh cool i am interested in getting one of the charcters

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