PC on T2 BPOs

I am looking for a price check on the following T2 BPOs:

  • Berserker II (ME:10, TE: 20)
  • Heavy Pulse Laser II (ME: 10, TE: 20)
  • Mega Pulse Laser II (ME: 10, TE: 20)
  • Plagioclase Mining Crystal II (ME: 20, TE: 20)


Ah, one of my favourite topics.

Berserker: 'round 90b or so
Heavy pulse: I’d say around 50-60b
Mega pulse: probably 60-80b ?
Plagio: that one is too uncertain to call, annoyingly. Could be 30 because mining crystals are meh these days with the rorqs, could be 60 coz some people want a full set. Sorry, can’t help much.

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