Pc pilot with 7.0 trigg standings?

26mp SP … super specialized in trigg ships … leshak, zarm


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@indyCyno55 please move your post to the appropriate channel, that @Shipwreck_Jones posted, as well as follow the rules for posting characters

Ie. drop corp, post location, Killrights, wallet etc.

“Ie. drop corp, post location, Killrights, wallet etc.”

for a PC?

didn’t pay attention that it was a PC, but it still needs to be in char bazaar

but for Price check, depending on skins etc… if you have no skins, you are lookin at maybe 15Bil

ok thanks !

As already posted by our capuleers if you intend to sell this character , you must post a WTS ad in the Character Bazaar. Please ensure the Character Bazaar rules, particularly the character being in an NPC corp prior to posting the ad.

Fly safe o7

ISD Bahamut

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