Perfect Erebus pilot, Police & Blood skins

Hi there,

As in the title, I have a perfect skilled Erebus pilot ready to go.

She has the Gallente Police and Blood Raiders skins, both of which are fairly rare.

Has a high-grade warp speed pod (lel)

Taking offers but lowballs will be ignored.

Located in Pochven but can go anywhere you want.
Positive Wallet
Negative 7.4 sec status, easily fixable
No killrights

Starting at 80b due to rare skins, open to non-■■■■ offers



Aimee DeLaTourette We use to determine the value of a character so without it we don’t know if its worth 5 B or 100 B and won’t make an offer. It will be unlikely that you will get a good offer without it.

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I can offer 30 B.

No thanks

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