Perfect [Rorqual] [Naglfar] + lvl 4Jumpfreighter

Hi, i have a lot of such charcters, they were trained to gain isk from Rorqual ore+ ice mining.
Naglfar is trained complete with t2 guns and near perfect support skills.
Can fly Nomad Jumpfreigter.
Calibration is 5.

If wanted, it can be used as a one man dreadbomb. all character can fly Revelation and guns are at lvl4 for revelation

have 25 characters like this with different nicks, some of them habe perfect rorqualbonuses. all around 50 mill skillpoints.

looking for 1000 isk / skillpoint.

1 isk pr skillpoint? So 48 million for your character? Or 48b

yes, my mistake, 1000 isk / skillpoint. but if someone want to buy a bunch, there will be sure a discount