WTB perfect Naglfar Pilot

WTB perfect Naglfar Pilot,
all core, ship, navigation, gunnery, shield (capital included) skills must be perfect.
I will offer good price, I’m not stripter, I will use that toon.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Iga_Angel Is this what you are looking for?

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/k’hazar if interested. its close to all 5 without capital gun spec

well very nice char, I like to have it,
but it is more than I need. I can’t pay enought.

it is looking good, You can stript few skills before selling to me and train capital projectile weapon specs for Naglfar. Also no need small weapons to be 5, no need small guns spec. This toon must be only for naglfar. No need anything else. Can you do that?

have no time for that. sorry





looking good except few important skills. I can stript some useless skills to train important skills. So I have to spend some isks for it.
offering 30b

Edit: wrong math.

its good, and it has some useless skill too,
I can stript them no prob. But it has everyting I look.
Offering 46b


if you don’t like my offer, make counter offer.

If you want to sell tell me what you want.

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