Periodically checking CharaterOwnerHash

Is there a way of holding onto the hash in SQL and checking it at a later date with a simple call? Or do I have to go jumping though a 12 stage hoops hurdle course of refresh token and what not?

You need to use the refresh token, to get an access token, to use the verify endpoint. (so a 3 step process. The same three step process to use any authenticated endpoint)


Bugger, more effort than it’s worth at the moment then. :confused:

Effort? Write it once, and then it just works in like < 1 second…

Still learning Curl with PHP tbh, only today built a script that gets all the public information and displays it. May help you out. Uses curl, stores stuff in a DB for basic authing/storing of info.

That’s exactly what I’ve been using lol, I just haven’t come across an example of refreshing yet. Nor do I know how long the refresh last and if there’s anything I need to know that might stop it working etc.

When you request tokens the access_token is good for 1200 seconds or 20 minutes. Once that expires you now have to use the refresh_token to request a new access_token which is then good for another 20 minutes.

Getting started I’d look over all the resources on Tips for a developer starting out with ESI!

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Ah, thank you.

I’d suggest looking at Guzzle for php. It wraps up curl into something a bit nicer.

I started learning using that curl repo and then learned to convert it into using Guzzle. is my implementation of using Guzzle (which isn’t the bestly coded, but it fills my needs)

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