Phoenix Reborn

Phoenix Reborn - We are a family oriented corp looking for pilots to join our ranks! (NA)(EU) 5M sp requirement +100 days is preferred but we will take brand new bros as well as long as you have completed the 5 starter agents.

We’re a tight knit group of players who encourage you to do what you enjoy in eve.

-Stationed in Null Sec!
-Mining/Indy with many moons (Some of the lowest taxes in Null!)
-Black ops fleets
-PVP/Small fleets/Large fleets (as well as basic training and opportunities to FC)
-Standing fleets always near by
-Buy back programs

The goal of this corp is to give players maximum access to in game content. We are building a community corp where you’re encouraged to do the activity you enjoy. Our number one rule is IRL first.

We are NA and EU TZ. So don’t be shy, we are growing across all time zone.

For More info send a eve mail to Minx Heluene.

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