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As had been made clear by the attempt to PI Materials to Moon Mining CCP does not like ‘passive play’ PI.

So here are my ideas to get PI Materials more interactively:

First - A lot of Agent Missions have Freighters and Silos as part of the ‘Background’ in that they can be attacked and destroyed but rarely drop anything. So why not add PI materials to them in line with the Job Difficulty.

Second - Scanning can find Data, Relic & Combat Sites, so why not add Production Sites. Places where Rats take PI materials and produce PI products. Similar to above after defeating the Security, either onsite or jump in defenders, you get to loot the Freighters and or Facilities.

Finally how to make PI a bit more interactive.

First - Any Corp in a Wardec in HiSec or at War elsewhere can target and destroy Enemy PI Planetary Facilities using a Marauder in Siege mode. They find them by Scanning a System using a modified Probe and or an ability to interrogate all the Custom Posts in a system

Second - Simpler idea destroying a Corps Custom Post also destroys all Corp Players PI Facilities.

Finally a PvE interactive method:

Add wear and tear to the Facilities. Based on the amount they produce the facilities will need to be repaired or replaced on a regular basis.

Repair maybe…
However having to reroute product again and again with replacement structures in the current design of Planetary Industry sounds like a nightmare.

I don’t see any incentive for running PI in high sec with these suggestions.

That’s just brutal. Also you don’t need to use a poco to set up Industry. While costly, you can launch cargo from a command center. Why would blowing up a poco in space destroy planetary infrastructure?

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Yes please!



Hi Pseudo Fed

Repairing facilities would be a pain, the reason I thought it might be useful against ‘Passive Income’ was to make owners return to their facilities more often to repair them before they broke. Also I have a sneaking feeling CCP would really like to bork HiSec PI

On the other hand, after a bit more thought.

Currently you can remotely control your PI from the safety of a station. So as an addition if you go to the planet you get a discount on repair costs. This would mean you would be in a Ship for a bit longer and not in a Station.

A further variant could be:
Instead of paying ISK you used other PI material to repair your facilities.
Plus maybe you need to use an ORE Primae to bring the Repair PI material to the planet (it is rather useless at the moment) as it is the only ship that can interact with the surface.

I have to agree :slight_smile:
My Second Idea was for ease of coding and is rather brutal.
But you gave me a better idea, still nasty though, once a Custom Facility is destroyed. There can be no launches from the Planet until a new one is built.

A less nasty idea, you increase the costs of a private Launch to space for PI Material after destruction of a Customs Post. Due to planetary NPC’s demanding danger money.

I’d rather them reduce the cost and ‘increase’
capacity of launches and make the containers combat probeable. Hardly anyone uses that feature because it’s a flat 50% materials tax. Ain’t worth it.

Actually a neat feature of Eve Echoes in the beginning was being able to jump around null and rob folks PI launch cans sitting in space as they were waiting on the unloading cycle timer (didn’t dump all your goods in space in-one go, you had to wait in space for the can to fill up with planetary mats).

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Hi Daichi Yamato

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I also had a bit more more of a think on how to find enemy PI Facilities.
The idea’s I have had are:

A Listening Module that listens out for planetary chatter allowing the owner to pin-point which planets have which PI Facilities. Low skill means you have to be in orbit to scan a planet, Higher Skills means you could cover a larger area so more planets. Tech II increases speed.

A Listening Probe that is launched from an Expanded Probe Launcher that does the same thing, Low Skill you need to be in orbit. Higher Skills you can scan an entire system. Again Tech II increase speed.

Did you know that you can see other peoples PI set-ups on planets?


All we really need is for the UI to show us the name or standing of other peoples PI, and then some other UI for blowing it up.

You could spy or stalk enemy targets to see which planets they use. Then once you know what planet they use, just look through all the networks until you find the one that belongs to your target.

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How about we just make planets minable, just like moons.

The raw materials can be refined into planet goo (p0). Then the goo gets shipped down to the planet and you load up Satisfactory. You then build p1-4 in your factories and launch it into space to be picked up. Then the goo gets manufactured into p1-4 via the industry process.

Another way would be add a “Planetary Extraction Core” to the orca/rorqual and “Commodity Harvester” for Barges/Exhumers. Orca pulls a some amount of stuff, the barges harvest it, and then I use reaction formulas to turn it int T1-4 stuff.

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