Pilot shortage australia and Nz wide We need Mininers, Pvpers, PI, ETC OBP needs your skills new and old

(OBP) OldbastardPub is looking for Aussie and NZ time zone pilots.

New and Old pilots are welcome Alpha and omega’s

WE have our docking station open to the Following style of playing eve.

  • PVP
  • Mining
  • Ratting
  • industrial
  • PI
  • Mission Running from lvl 1 to lvl 4 - need big balls for LVL 5’s
  • PVE.
  • Loot and Salvage Specialist.
  • moon mining.

WE are located in Catch. Null Space, and Rules are NBSI (“Not Blue Shoot It”)

Well if this should good to you,

join OBP PUBLIC channel for a chat.

Or inbox me if not online :smiley:

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