Pilots wanted for null sec corp

We here at Unified Variations are a small corp looking to grow, hence the need for pilots of all skill sets from mining to PVE and PVP.
We are part of Dacian Amarda Alliance. We live in Providence in null.
We mine,build,invent,explore,run sites and a little (if you are upto it)pvp. We also have Alliance projects, to make isk and have fun.

We consider any pilots Alpha/ Omega young/Old and TZ.
We live in null sec where we know who wants to kill us and we are not gonna get ganked by unknowns.

We have rules but nothing too serious, which will be discussed in the convo stage.

If interested in joining or have any questions please contact myself or Juon Rin in game via mail, chat or join channel “UVAR Lounge”
Or if needed just drop a comment below and i will get back to you.

Fly safe

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Still looking for brave pilots, No CTAS.

Just making sure there are no brave pilots out there.
Any tz

we still have places open guys come join the fun.


Still looking for those dedicated miners to pvpers.

Come and have a chat


Maybe a bump here will help

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Still looking

Gained 1 more, so come all ye who want to join


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Come and chat

You guys still recruiting?

Yeah we’re still recruiting. I’ll send you a mail

hi you guys still recruiting? orca/Rorqual /industrialist/PI/ ratting have a miner alt with reprocessing skills?

daily bump