Pilots wanted for null sec corp

Still recruitng guys.

You still recruiting? I have a Anshar freighter and an orca. Several mining barges. I also have a sin.

Hi miner. Yes we are still recruiting. Hit me up in game

Let’s get some good guys

Show us some love. Come and have fun with us.

Still need the love.

Is there any body out there?

Cmoon guys Nullsec is calling you!

Another bump for your good looks

Daily bumpage.

Daily bump\

bump the love

Hey I am interested. I won’t be online till 7 or so central time tonight though. I am a PvE pilot and can pvp. Can fly all 4 strategic cruisers, full tech 2 and am a maurader pilot. I can also fly exhumers will lvl 4 skills. I’ll hit you up later but feel free to send me a mail in game about your corp. I’ll receive it on my phone app.

o/ fly safe
Joe Falen Falen

Too bumpy today

Bump there it is

Are you still recruiting?
I may think about joining if you are.

We sure are hit me or Juon Rin in game.

Wow my turn to go Bummmmmmmmpppppppp

ME again bump

hi, you contacted me in the game. i wrote to radbagger too. id love to join you. do some guys of you speak german? i wrote to radbagger in german but english is no prob either.