PK Capsulee

Why would someone PK my capsuler, I was in a thrasher, my guns are offline because my research wouldn’t even let me have them working, was in 0.2, I get it’s low sec, but I’m not a threat and 16 days old in the game. I didn’t even get the chance to see anything, I literally jumped to the area I was trying to pick up a 100k ISK part, I’m new so I need cheap parts to be able to do my first Abyss, and was dead before the jump loaded me into the area and my capsuler. Why would players sit at jumps and kill new players and their capsules, kill the ship by why the capsule? From everything I read this game needs new players yet PKs like this are definitely going to keep people from continuing to play. Are people that scared to fight a real battle that they have to PK new players flying in weak ships and kill their capsule for no reason. I get it’s Eve and I expect to die but I thought I’d get a chance to retreat or even know I’m being attacked rather than I’m dead before the jump landing loads. I’ll buy a new ship and continue to play but I can tell you this gameplay is going to keep a lot of new players from coming back and it says PKers are chicken sh_ts that only attack weak new players. Sad Eve doesn’t look down on people that attack the weak and new because they can. My salvage maybe was worth 6 million ISK, probably less, which is nothing to veterans but a lot to new players.

Check the top left of your UI when you jump into a system. You get a “gate cloak” lasting 60 seconds if you do not move. You have total invulnerability during this time. Some valuable things to do during this time include showing info of people in local to see if they share corp history, dscanning to see if anyone is warping in, and waiting for the situation to improve. they might warp off or fly out of tackle range or a less patient capsuleer jumps in behind you

much more at Safety Tips for Operating in Low Sec - EVE University Wiki

I was killed after hitting jump to Evita or whatever the area was called, it was immediately because I was still in warp and when it finished loading, it said I was dead and my capsuler was also killed, so I wasn’t invisible or invincible. No way to avoid this kind of PK.

That was probably a smartbomber. There are several ways to avoid that which all boil down to “don’t warp to that exact point in something fragile.” Read my link if you actually want to avoid this in the future.

I didn’t see a link, I’m guessing they left a bomb by your description where people warp. I’m new and don’t have any save points and still trying to do my first Abyss, so all I know is how to use the A Route warp jump. But why did they kill my capsuler, it just seems this person is a troll that killed me which is why they look for easy kills rather than use skill to kill real players rather than someone so new they have barely learned anything

I see the link was in previous post, but how do I bookmark a place I’ve never been to, also why kill low level characters, a d more so why kill their calsulers? Basically I just won’t buy things in anything below 0.6 since people want to kill new players, which makes it tougher since prices there are more expensive. I just don’t see the point of destroying a thrasher that is worth maybe 10 mil ISK fitted and no threat when you can one hit kill them. Even more there is no reason to kill a new players capsuler, seems players are trying to kill the game for new players and this should be looked down on by veterans and handled for being this petty and weak to kill newbies and their capsuler

Because they can.

If you are not combat ready (meaning you have the ingame skills to fly and fit a combat ready ship and the experience to know how to use it), stay out of lowsec. There is a message explaining to you that the area is dangerous. Never click warning messages away in EVE, read them. If they sound dangerous, reconsider your path. If you want to learn how to fight, look out for a group that can teach you, guide you and support you. There are endless opportunities in this game to earn money and exploding ships are just part of the daily business, it nothing horrible or threatening. Don’t be afraid of losing ships, they are just tools and if you want to use them frequently, they will break at some point and you get a new one, simply as that.


Avoiding lowsec for buys is a sound decision until you have access to covert ops or blockade runner.

Players kill players because it’s fun. It’s only slightly less fun if they are a noob.

I bookmark a place I’ve never been to by opening the system map and looking for a celestial within 14.3au of the outgate. I warp to the celestial and scan the gate. If it scans clear I warp at 100, pick a direction, turn on my prop mod, and make a tactical bookmark somewhere out of line between the gates. If it doesn’t scan clear I just avoid the route. I do dozens of other things too all detailed in that link that still has zero clicks.

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Haha welcome to EVE. PKing noobs is great fun. I encourage you to git gud and try it out yourself. You don’t even need to git that gud, the great thing about noobs is that they are super easy to kill.

Have a lovely day.




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I can understand the frustration with losing a ship, and a pod, we’ve all been there at some point. As someone who frequently shoots at other players, and often kills the pod as well (even “new” players), I’ll try to give some insight into “why”.

Shooting other players is fun, and a challenge since other players are unpredictable. I personally shoot at pods for a few different reasons, 1) they’re very hard to catch if the other person is paying attention since they warp off almost instantly. 2) You can scoop up the players body and keep or sell it. 3) Some people fly with expensive implants, and it brings me a special joy to see a killmail that has them.

On the “why” of why someone would shoot a “new” character.
For one, it’s impossible to know if a character that’s 5 days old is actually a player that discovered EVE earlier that week, or the new alt of a 15 year vet, that decided to make a new account and skill injected up a PvP beast.

Or one of the people who make the mistake of credit carding thier way into ships a newbie wouldn’t/shouldn’t be in (like a week old player in a battleship, or an exhumer when they’d normally be in a frigate or venture).

Also you can always message the person who killed you, and ask for advice or explain that you’re new. I’ve been contacted by a few players I’ve killed who were “new”, and answered questions and given advice or information. Sometimes if the person legitimately seems new (usually obvious from the ship fit, and the questions they ask), and they are decent I might pay for the ship (if it’s something cheap like a venture).

Certainly never expect anything, since no player is obligated to give you isk/information, or to even acknowledge your message, but I’ve found most lowsec pvp’ers to be pretty chill, and more that willing to share information, and fits or just chat. Plus it may lead to fun chats, corp invites, new friends to fleet up with, etc.


Veterans think:

  • This guy is a scout for a larger fleet
  • This guy is an alt of a hunter group
  • This guy is reporting intel to a big nullsec blob (regardless of your actual corporation affiliation)
  • Etc.

These things do not reduce your ability to be a massive intel/scout threat:

  • Character age
  • Corp affiliation
  • Security Status

You will die for simply existing. It doesn’t matter what security class of space. High, low, null, or WH people will want you dead.

No. They do it because it’s fun, or profitable, or they want to make a statement about their power. Part of this game is realizing how to avoid bigger fish in the ocean.

Look, I get you’re frustrated about losing a ship. However, calling people names for doing PvP in a PvP game is not going to win you friends. It’s going to earn you ridicule. Especially because you’re complaining about low sec, most rookies complain like you but about gankers and high sec.

I recommend treating losses as learning opportunities. The ISK lost is ISK invested in your piloting soft skills (the skills in your IRL brain, not the skills in your character sheet).

Edit: By the way, losing ships is a totally normal part of Eve Online. You’re going to lose many more. Ships are ammo, so don’t get too upset when one is rapidly disassembled.


Outside of hisec, many/most people will shoot at literally anything that isn’t allied (or “blue”) to them.

Nobody knows you’re new - it’s not like they are checking IDs at the door - and even if they did bother to look at your character sheet and see that your character was young, that means very little in a game where everyone has half a dozen alts.

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There are many, many many alts of experienced players that spin up new characters all the time. Just because your corp history says 16 days old, doesn’t mean the player has been playing for 16 days.

Having been a low sec pirate for a number of years, I don’t even look at corp history when I’m going to attack someone. If you’re in the same system as me, and I have the opportunity to shoot at you, I will. Ship, pod and all.


I randomly deleted a criminal capsule at a gate yesterday with my ikitsura because why not. It’s just part of the game.


In EVE people have to find a (very good) reason not to shoot your pod, not the other way around. :wink:


Scrambling eggs is fun.


YOU decided to try eve online, a pvp game about space ships with lasers, a sandbox game where many things are allowed or even encouraged (betrayal, spying, etc)
YOU decided to not even try to read about what this game is, and about game mechanisms (low sec, …)
YOU therefore ignored some things that wcould have prevented your loss (Dscan, etc)
YOU come here and finally insult the people who just used the game mechanisms

Would you complain if you start playing counterstrike and some guys shoot you?

May i suggest to

  1. either not take it personnally, read or join a newbie friendly corp, learn and improve?
  2. go back to a classical mmo where a npc will ask you to kill ten wolves and will tell you that you are the savior of the universe with a marvelous destiny?

But please, don’t come here to whine and complain like you did

6M isk is also nothing to new players. Really.

Making a couple M isk is very easy.

Honestly, this is exactly why you will either quit the game or play it for the rest of your life.

It’s a valuable lesson.

No one in New Eden owes you anything.

This person provided you with instant feedback on your actions. Learn from it.

I lost my Capsule to CODE in highsec for autopiloting. I now know of that risk. Yes, It feels bad… but let’s be honest with ourselves here, if you were let go just because you were new when would you learn the valuable lesson you learned 16 days in? Kudos! You are one step closer to marking your first decade in the game.

If I saw you I would likely kill you too, and hopefully so would every other person in this thread. This is a PVP game at its core and any safety you feel is an illusion. No matter where you are, someone may be targeting you.

Doesn’t that make you feel alive?


I jumped in a shark tank and got bitten by a shark. I’ll keep swimming but this behavior is going to convince people not to jump into shark tanks.