Planetary Production/Commodities Ledger

Dear CCP,

This but for commodities :slight_smile:

TY Very much

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It would also be nice if poco owners could get basic reports on all players raw P0 extracted.


Maybe something they can/will do when they overhaul the POCOs to Upwell.

Just saying.

I would expect that would be in the COMMOD ledger, just like miners are in the ore ledger.


POCOs are wierd, just saying.

That’s because they are old.

POCO information doesn’t extend to things not using the POCO.

Dude please chill. Everyone needs to breath.

The poco serves as a link to the planet that could sensibly be modified to track planetary activity.

However, thinking on it some more, limiting this planetary activity intel to only the poco owner would be frustrating. There should be an access list incorporation for Intel sharing. This would open up NPC poco for Intel viewing if you hold good standing with them.

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Anything is possible, as i don’t remember asking for the Ore Ledger but it’s a help.

Also it seems refinery owners know how much people have mined. So why not poco owners?

Perhaps you will have to pay for POCO intel.

Yes, it’d be pretty useful for corporations that want to monitor for overharvesting particular PI resources.

I see no reason to “chill” because I see no reason why an object which does not have access to my PI should be informed of what my PI is. Non-POCO launches should remain non-POCO tracked.

I agree. No poco used, no tracking.

Would you like your own commodities ledger viewed only by you?

Personal production page and a separate one for the items that go thru a POCO? No problem at all with that. It should tell the POCO owner who’s been importing and exporting to the planet using the POCO. But what I launch personally should only be in my own ledger.


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