Play Your Style! Excellent Rental Space, Available to You from Fraternity


(Arrowspeeed Bounty) #1

Play Your Style.

  • We support and respect you in your preferred style of play.
  • Free, high quality moon mining, extractions every 12 hours.
  • Deploy your own medium citadels, no structure deposit. We will anchor them for you.
  • Or, if you prefer, use our structures. Low taxes. Many services.
  • Prompt customer service. Easy Discord access to management for requests, help, and diplo issues.
  • Collaborative channels with other renters.
  • A good market for your capital production.
  • Home defense of sov, structures, and tackled ships where possible.
  • Jump bridge network, cyno beacons.
  • Jump freighter service.
  • Competitive pricing. Quiet area.

For more information or to apply, join Fraternity Rental in game or contact Arrowspeeed Bounty

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