//Player Haven// Free roam Corporation/Events/fleets

Key to success in eve is a great start - Orochimaru Angel

We are here to help players stay in EvE after they try it, This game is harder than you may think.
EvE is packed with stuff that might not make sense, and thats just the top of the iceberg.

I remember when i first started… back in 2004. Eve was abit different then, but the basics is the same. It took me probably 6-8 month before i hade an grasp understanding of the basics, and could move and choose what i wanted to do.
Today its abit easyer, but far from easy.

Our corp is here to help you see the beauty and complex world of eve,and stay with us!.
And where you will head after us…
It`s up to you.

:rabbit:Player Haven is a corporation that help you find your way in the vast New Eden. Improved NPC type Corporation but with the goal to get you to stay in eve. There is also NO mandatory obligations, so you can be with us, doing what you want to, but knowing we are there for your questions.

:rabbit:Player Haven Is also a place for veterans, we need even more members who know as much as possible about eve, to help us teach the new ones.

✶Free ships
✶No Wars
✶ Free roam
✶ Events/giveaways.
✶Milestone Celebrations
✶And even jobs within the corp.
✶ When your ready, we find you a perfect location for you in a corp that suits you. Or you stay with us and help even more players.

We live all over New Eden, and you decide where you want to be, and what you want to do.
Here you will make friends that can last decades!.
So join us and grow, and where ever your destiny takes you, we will help.!

/Haven Team Management

Captain Starsky, EthanofEve, Ripley12, Tankana Panthera, E`PluribusUnum.

Or search for Player haven in Corporation Ads.

Ceo Orochimaru Angel with Co-Ceo Maud


Recruiting is going very well. 55 members.
Join us for a great beginning in eve.

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Just joined Player haven, and this feels like an awesome corp for new players. Really helpful and nice members!

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Still recruiting. join us and grow in eve

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Interesting Corporation, i give a like

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Growing strong, still recruiting.

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127 members, we have a great time, and you play however you like. Be here with us, and we be there for you.

hey My launcher is dicked, when i try to launch eve the icon shows on task bar but the window isnt on my screen, was having issues with launcher not fitting my screen before this happened.

Still recruiting

look over here ppl

Joined up a day or two ago. It’s a pretty relaxed group of folks who are as helpful as they can be. I’ve already learned a few tips and tricks. I’ve mostly been doing some mining as a fleet. Hope we can do more soon!

We are in lookout for use of nullsec. We dont want claims, but more like nullsec to bring new players to rat and mine and get a feel for that Life. Prepare them for the future in eve. If you know any friendly Alliances out there who are willing to help a corp out with this area, we will be forever greatfull, and this might even get you guys more members in the future.
Pm/Mail me ingame
Orochimaru Angel

I think all of our managers should have their image placed here.

We can do that…:mechanical_arm:

Still recruiting

What systems do you primarily run out of ?

We have areas in all 4 corners atm. People tend to hang where they feel like it really.

240 members.
We welcome all new Eve players who will rule the future of New Eden

Do you guys use coms?

Great corp with very capable Veterans! Recommended for any beginner to learn the ropes!