Tired of Drama? Small, Relaxed Corp. Recruiting Manufactureres

Are you and experienced manufacturer tired of the drama and arguing in large corporations? Maybe you are a new player just starting in the manufacturing career field.

Player Haven 1.

Player Haven [P-H-N] is a small, relaxed corp without quotas and drama. Our members are helpful and we work together to achieve our goals.

Our mining and manufacturing division is located in the Solitude Region in a low-cost industry system with products selling at above-average prices in the region’s markets. Some of us have made this region our second home.

We offer:

  • Hauling services to regional markets - We need haulers too

  • Constant supplies of ore without corporation markup - Mining fleets for new and veteran players with access to moon ore

  • No manufacturing requirements - You make whatever you want whenever you want

  • Research, copying and manufacturing facilities

  • Support when you need it


  • FREE ROAM - You can do any activity you like in high, low, null sec or WH space

  • Not war eligible - We’re laid-back

  • Buyback program

  • Insurance - Unfortunately bad things happen from time to time

  • Give n’ Take ships/fittings in our Corporation Hangers

  • Events/giveaways and Milestone Celebrations

  • Jobs within the corp - Did I mention we’re growing? There’s a spot for you!

We live all over New Eden, and you decide where you want to be, and what you want to do. Here, you will make friends that can last decades!

Join us and grow, and wherever your destiny takes you, we will help!

Message Dexter Ozymandias in-game, or jump right in and apply to Player Haven [P-H-N]


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