You play when you can, not when someone tells you too

Eureka Industrial and Manufacturing are looking for weekend/Casual players to join up.

We dont tell you to log in “this day/time” you play when your available. Real Life has commitments, An online game shouldn’t be one of them.

We are AUTZ based but will accept players from all TZ’s who play casually.
We wont tell you to move from the area your playing to our regional base, you join for the company, not the pain of moving assets 40+ jumps. We are a mission running/Industrial corp, hoping to make a difference within New Eden

"We build the stuff other like to blow up"

We offer.

  • Moon mining for your personal use in our Home system
  • Ice mining in our home system
  • Discord Voice/Text server/Channels
  • Laid back Gaming, Play as a Fleet with corp mates/friends, or go solo- the choice is yours
  • Omega and Alpha accounts/toons welcome
  • Based in the Domain region with 2 trade hubs within 8 jumps from our home system
  • lvl 2-4 mission running available

What we want from you.

  • Regular logins… This could be as little as a few hours a day or even a week

Our Plan.

  • Recruit a player group of like minded players who enjoy the game, but cant log in as often as they want due to real life commitments
  • Eventually have a presents/Office in each regional area of high/Low sec.
  • Eventually be competitive on the markets in all regions and trade hubs to fight for a better price.

Contact Killa Hamster in game or join the public channel Eureka Public

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