Looking for Mining buddies

I have a small alt corp that I use for Indy stuff. I would like to partner up with a mining group who is active in HS. I have an Orca booster and 3 well trained Barge/Exhumer alts to contribute to mining ops. I am central ustz and mainly active from 01:00-04:00 eve time.

Send me a mail in game if you think your corp/alliance is a fit, time zone is important for me. If your group is weak in ustz please pass me up.

Sounds like a fit for us. I’ll send you a pm

Still talking to prospective groups, email or respond to this forum post.

Bump me up

Still looking to talk

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Bring your operation to Null Sec! With our ORE buyback program, you won’t even have to haul your ore to market. Just dock and undock.

Mostly Sober is recruiting!

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Here at bubble factory we own and rent moons in a controlled low sec pocket. We are offering moons to rent and protection will your mining them.

If you interested please join our public chat Wubble Bubble

if you might think about folding into my Corp we have a lot more to offer than just mining


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