Player looking for a Corp. No PVP

Hello, I’m looking for a corp to join that is willing to teach me the Industrial side of the game. I am not interested in PVP but if the corp does some PVE combat missions I would join in for that. I’m mainly looking for Industry, trade, and mining though.

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Hey Nava,

We at Imperial Mining Incorporated believe that you would be a great fit within the Corp.

Imperial Mining Incorporated are heavy focused in Industry we Can Help you Achieve your Goals with Industry we do a lot of Mining Fleets help Players understand Eve at there own Pace.

What can we provided:

  • Regular Mining Boosts and Fleets
  • Buyback program
  • Robust corp member recognition program
  • Encouraged mentor-ship
  • Corporation advancement opportunities
  • Active discord
  • Corp structure

You can Find use by doing the Following

  1. Open the Corporation Tab
  2. Open the Recruitment Tab
  3. Type Imperial Mining Incorporated into the Search Bar (See Image)
  4. Apply and Speak with the Recuriters within the IM.I-Rec Channel

Once again From Everyone at Imperial Mining Incorporated We hope to See you Flying around Soon

Fly Safe
Dan Enoon

Hi Navanshi,

If you are looking to get the best start at Indy, a place is shallow nullsec with us in Guns is going to be an excellent place to start. Nullsec has the best rocks to mine in the game as well as the best bonuses to manufacturing (you get more stuff for the same ingredients). We have a dedicated team for helping new folks understand how to be safe and thrive in our space, and in some cases our space is safer than High Sec.

We have no compulsory PVP, but if you one day do decide you would be interested in that stuff (your ship is replaced for free if you loose it in corp PVP events by the way) then you would be able to join the voluntary home defense fleets.

Check out our ad when you get a chance and feel free to mail me in game with any questions you might have. Hope we can talk soon

Eve Forum Post: Nexus Federation - Industry, Mining and PvE. Looking for pilots and corporations!

CEO & Recruitment - Kael Zatek (Discord: Kael Zatek#0206)

Discord: Join our discord!

Hey! I started a lore-based corporation, but we’re still working to recruit members, so we’re still on the smaller side. We’re moving thru lowsec Minmatar space with our alliance, with NPC and sov null on the books. Look us up in game at “Congress on Luminaire Republicanism”, ticker: “CO.LR”. We have an industrial corp, “Co.LR Trade Consortium”, ticker: “CLRTC” that is based in high-sec Minmatar space. It is the commercial and manufacturing base of our organization. You can find more info on the corp information tab in game. Fly safe o/


I think we may have what you have described but a few more details would help, like any experience you have had and or the times you play etc. Either way come check out our recruitment add HERE if you would like to know more about our amazing community

I’m a returning player from years ago. I wanted a new start so I made a new character and am focusing on mining, industry, and trade. I’m looking for a corp willing to offer advice on these aspects of the game. I mainly play weekends US time zone but could be available on Weekday evenings if an event was planned.

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Cool drop into our communication channels linked in our post and we can chat more

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