PLEASE can we have clearer precursor level indicators on the industry processors?!

I’ve been doing PI for a while now, and think that while the recent improvements to the PI UIs and tools have all been a good thing, there is still room for improvements.

One thing that frustrates and irritates me about the current PI interface is the level indicators for precursor commodities on industry facilities. I have normal - in fact excellent - colour vision, but I sometimes find it hard to differentiate between the dull yellow, indicating full, or partially full, levels of precursors and the ever-so-SLIGHTLY brighter yellow indicating empty, or partially empty levels.

Why so little colour contrast between these two states? Can’t the distinction be made clearer? After all, the storage level indicators on storage facilities, launchpads and command centres all have good colour contrast and are very clear and easy to read. So why on Earth can’t we have the same visual clarity for industry facilities? Did someone decide that it wasn’t as important?

Well, as far as I am concerned it IS equally important, and the current lack of consistency in visual design between industry facilities and ALL other PI modules makes no sense at all. In fact, it’s just perverse!

@CCP Devs - PLEASE can we get this fixed with the next patch?!

@EVE Gamers - please indicate your support for this request if you agree with it.


Milo QUinn

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